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Past Life Regression

Did you ever wonder who you truly are?  Whether you have lived before?  And, if so, where did you live?  What did you do?  Were you happy?  What challenges did you face? Did you overcome them?

Have you had flashbacks?  Saw yourself in a different country?  Or perhaps drawn inexplicably to a city, town or village - in a place that you've never been to?  Or have you wandered the streets of a remote country area yet recognize streets or buildings that you've never seen?  Would you like to know?  

Past Life Regression - What It Is, How it Works and What You Can Expect

Past Life Regression - What It Is, How it Works and What You Can Expect

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A Past Life Regression (PLR) is a journey back in time – to a different place, a different time, a different space. It is based upon the belief that we are spiritual beings who incarnate to learn lessons. Lessons of love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding. These lessons are multi-faceted and complex and require many lifetimes and many experiences in which to learn them.  The ultimate goal is to achieve Joy!

With each lifetime, we gather experiences and confront challenges. If we learn the lessons – we move on to the next lesson. The more lessons we learn – the more able are we to feel joy, peace and fulfillment.  You are not judged.

A Past Life Regression allows one to experience themselves in a different lifetime. Although physically appearing different, the underlying energy or “feel” of who you are – and who others are – remain the same.  For many, the belief in their spirituality becomes a “knowing” as they transcend a belief in their mortality into an experience of their immortality.

At times, as we transcend one lifetime, we may end up by bringing negative residual energy from that experience into our current life. Symptoms without a reasonable cause – such as depression, anxiety, fears, phobias and even medical complaints – have been effectively addressed through a Past Life Regression.

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As a result of the current global challenges, I will be unable to offer in-person sessions at this time.  I am excited however, to be able to offer my Audio Past Life Regression sessions (See below).   The reviews have been impressive and I do hope that you will consider this alternative.  A three month, full money-back guarantee is also included.  



For those who wish to explore the Life Between Lives, successful completion of one of these Past Lives Regression Sessions would enable you to progress to booking your Life Between Lives Session.  The successful completion of a Past Life Regression session is a requirement for proceeding to a Life Between Lives Session.  Although not currently being offered, I am exploring providing Life Between Lives sessions virtually.  

Once you have successfully completed your Past Life Regression session - and have achieved a death scene - then please contact me directly with the subject line "Wait List" and insert in body of email that you have completed your Past life Regression Session and have experienced a Death Scene.  You will then be added to the queue. 

Past Life Regression

Audio Program

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Past Life Regression

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Past Life Regression

A Journey of a Lifetime!

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7 Sessions - Comprehensive Digital Downloadable Program

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(YES! A successful Past Life Regression from my Audio Program satisfies the requirement for a Life Between Lives!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Past Life Regression

A Past Life Regression is facilitated with hypnosis. It is a gentle, relaxing process which allows you to be fully aware – but deeply relaxed.

Everyone experiences a Past Life Regression differently. Some are very visual but most receive impressions.  In my practice, I have found that most clients do not have any difficulty in achieving a Past Life Experience.  A determining factor appears to be able to come from a place of “open curiosity and wide-open wonder”!

A Past Life Regression is a required first step in order to undergo a Life Between Lives Soul Session.  

A Past Life Regression however, is typically limited to the events and lessons that are from the past. Generally speaking, you cannot identify what your current lessons are with a Past Life Regression although you are likely to be able to identify some of your soul group members.

Some typical questions addressed in a Past Life are:

  • Have I incarnated with my (partner) before?

  • Why am I afraid of …?

  • I have always felt drawn to …

  • I seem to love this country though I’ve never been there…

  • I have a shooting pain that doctor’s can’t understand


What You Need to Know

Session Length: 2 Hours

Please bring a list of questions and a hard copy for my reference.  Should you have difficulty then I will work with you to identify some questions so that you will receive maximum benefit.

Please bring a recording device with you should you wish to record your session.

Please avoid caffeine.

Can I be Hypnotized?


Life Between Lives

Do you believe that you "have" a Soul, but are uncertain of its significance?  Or perhaps, you simply are curious? 

Or perhaps, you even know that you have a Soul but long to have the experience?  You  want to go deeper - you want to spiritually expand.  Would you like to expand?